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Magnetostrictive Position Sensors, Non contact linear Transducers, Liquid Level Gauges


Temposonics®工业用位移传感器用于外部安装或内置液压缸场合。其行程长度范围为25mm-20m。传感器可提供SSI、DeviceNet、CANbus、Profibus、POWERLINK以及EtherCAT等通讯接口,还提供模拟输出(或双输出:位置和速度)。高质量的位移和速度信号使传感器具有优越的控制功能。不同的传感器型号和选项(例如多位置测量、冗余传感器、ATEX认证等)可满足不同的需求 - 从简单的标准应用至高精度测量任务。


行走机械用Temposonics®位移传感器专门为液压缸的直线行程测量设计。他们提高了设备的生产率和实现了重复操作流程的自动化,减少维护和停工时间。甚至在恶劣的环境下(如高温或高压),他们能够可靠、无需维护地工作。行程范围为50mm-2500mm,接口包括CANbus、 ISObus、J1939、PWM及模拟输出。冗余类型或SIL2传感器保证了危险场合的最大安全性。


Level Plus®磁致伸缩液位计具有液位、界面液位和温度等三合一测量的特点。非接触式技术能够进行无磨损、连续测量,无需维护或重新校准。绝对液位可以通过一个或多个浮球直接测量出来,即使液面出现泡沫,测量结果依然可靠。


Position Sensors for Industrial Applications

Temposonics?/SUP> position sensors for industrial applications are developed for external mounting or in-cylinder applications where the electronics can be external. Stroke lengths are available from 25 mm - 20 m. The sensors offer analog output or dual output (position and velocity) with SSI, DeviceNet, CANbus, Profibus, POWERLINK and Ethercat interface. High quality displacement and velocity signals enable superior control. Different sensor models and options (e.g. multi-position measurement, redundant sensors, ATEX-approval) meet every need - from high precision measurement tasks to simple standard applications. 

Position Sensors for Mobile Hydraulics

Temposonics?position sensor for mobile machinery are specifically designed for direct stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders. They increase the machine's productivity, automatise recurring operation sequences and reduce maintenance and downtime. Even in harsh environments, at high temperature or high pressure they work reliably and maintenance-free. Stroke lengths range from 50 mm - 2500 mm and outputs include CANbus, ISObus, J1939, scaled PWM and analog interfaces. Redundant models or SIL2 sensors grant maximum safety for critical applications.

Absolute, Non-Contact Level Transmitters

The  Level Plus?/SUP> magnetostrictive level transmitters feature 3-in-1 measurement of level, interface and temperatures of a vessel from one opening. The non-contact technology provides wear-free, continuous level measurement  that does not require maintenance or recalibration. The absolute level is detected directly with one or more floats, which operate reliably even when foaming.